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"Better" or "Better off"

Hello Flabbergasting English People,

I am sorry I have been a bit distant. At the end of the year, there are plenty of things to solve so as to start the next year perfectly well. It happened. Great! So let us get back to work! I have chatted with my girlfriend about the two expressions: "better" and "better off" and we both deciced to come up with this topic. We will explain the difference between them both.

The word "better" is used in two situations: when you are comparing someone or something, and when you use it in sentences such as "The more you read, the better reader you become." You should check the topic COMPARISONS. Look at the examples below:

Definition: comparative of good - Greater in excellence or higher in quality.

*My car is better than his. It is faster and more beautiful.
*Who's better than Jordan? I don't think there is someone better than him at basketball.
*I have become a better person since my father passed away.

However, the expression "better off" is used differently. It is used in a situation which the person would feel more comfortable or would be successful if he/she were not in the present position. For example:

Definition: In a better or more prosperous condition: better off (somewhere) and better off (if one were somewhere else)

*Staying at home sucks! I would be better off at school.
*Why are you still working for this company? You'll be better off at an international plant.
*What should I do now? Mom said I would be better off in the USA.
*I think I would be better off if I were in Brazil right now.

I hope it has helped you out with any doubts you have. Hope to see you guys soon. I am so tired, I'm better off sleeping.

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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