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Cultural Differences - Brazilian Idioms X American Idioms 2

What it is, yo!
Flabbergasting English is going down!

As I have already told y'all, cultural difference is one of the things that will affect you when you go to a different country or even a different state or city in your own country. Language is a barrier that sometimes is hard to conquer due to a plethora of stuff: pronunciation, vocabulary, structure, but surely IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS:

I have selected some for y'all. Hope you have fun while learning them.

  • Vai plantar batata! = Take a hike!
  • Vaza! = Go away!
  • Va embora! = Go away!
  • Cai fora! = Get lost!
  • Se manda! = Beat it! (It is used by Michael Jackson on his song "Beat it")
  • Va te catar! = Drop dead!
  • Va catar coquinho! = Go jump in the lake!
  • Va pro inferno! = Go to hell!
  • Va a merda = Kiss my ass (USA), kiss my arse (UK)

Yeah, so those expressions are used a lot by native speakers of English. Hope you don't need to use them for they are used, basically, in annoying situation. However, if you need them, you will be ready to spit them out.

Holla at'cha later on,

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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  1. Man, nice post! And by the way, congrats for the lecture last weekend! I liked it a lot. :)

  2. Hey Fabs,

    Thank you for always come by. Hope you enjoy the posts and learn a lot from them.
    Speaking of the lecture, that was not what I expected, bu it turned out to be okay at the end.

    See ya,

    Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
    ESL Teacher

  3. Hey man... very useful and a lot of fun! But, in fact I hope to do not need to use them! It's just good to know if someone use it on me! Like I told you: "Avoid to say what I don't understand" LOL.