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"Got" - For Simple Present (Colloquial American English)

What's up guys?,

I've been thinking about a lot and the idea of talking about some colloquial English crossed my mind. So, look, I'll try to be brief today. We're gonna talk about the use of the word "GOT", but NOT as the past tense of "GET". 

Well, as you might have already seen it b4, the word "GOT" can be used in SIMPLE PRESENT in order to replace the verb "HAVE" or "HAS", which is used for the third person singular. Usually when "GOT" is chosen, it comes without the auxiliary verb "DO" or "DOES"  in interrogative sentences (See picture above.)

That is, the question "GOT BEER?" means "DO YOU HAVE BEER?". From the looks of things, you might have already understood the use of "GOT" in SIMPLE PRESENT

Another use for the word "GOT" in Simple Present is when you have been taught something and you UNDERSTAND it. You, so as to talk like a native speaker, wanna say "I GOT IT!" instead of saying "I UNDERSTAND IT".

The other use is a short for the expression "I got your back" which means "I'll back you up" or "I'll pay for you!" or "I'll help you out." So, people usually say "I got you!" which is also swapped for "Gotcha!" 

See some examples:

James: I got some money in the bank
Mike: Ya got money for the beer?

Jake: Press the yellow button then you install it, okay?
Brian: Oh okay, I got it.

Tyler: The problem is that I can't go to the party because I've run out of money.
Micah: Don't worry dude, I got you!
Vania: I got a terrible backache. Ya got some painkiller? 
Dawg: Gotcha baby. I'll get it for ya!

You might be asking yourself what NEGATIVE sentence would be. For you to make the NEGATIVE of  "GOT" all you have to is to add the, also colloquial made-up word "AIN'T" before it. It is usually used in replacement of DON'T HAVE or DOESN'T HAVE. See examples bellow:

I ain't got no money. = I don't have any money. 

She ain't got no time. = She doesn't have any time. 

Well, now that you got schooled with some expressions, I can peel outta here. Got it?

Lil' Dawg
ESL Teacher
Twitter: @ Dawg_Houston

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  1. Jus' got whatchu said 'bout gettin schooled up, mayn!
    You just did somepn' fine up there: ppl taLK BOUT THAT but never GOT IT WRITTEN!

    Fine mate, keep up the good work and don't und up WOLFED DOWN BY ESL as most lazy goers [teachers] do, GOT ME?


  2. Hey man, cheers for the motivating comment lad. I will surely keep up with the work, whether or not it's good, I'll let y'all decide it.

    Lil' Dawg

  3. Your attitude and effort to teach ESL are absolutely appreciated and praiseworthy, my man! Our nation needs teachers just like you. Wish we could work together someday. Congrats on the great work you do here!


  4. Ow man, that really makes me crack a smile. Thanks for the back-up everytime. I wish I could go up there soon. Well, we should make an event about Ebonics. What do you think?

  5. Fistly congratulations!! I really loved this topic! Second, lemme see if I got it! E.g.: "He got no ass?" Remember when you taught me it at the Bus Terminal when we were going to RJ? See ya!

  6. Hey Vânia,

    Thank you for checking it our and leaving another important comment here. Yeah, you got it! You always make me laugh. That trip to Rio de Janeiro was sweet. I hope we can learn a lot together again. See ya!

  7. Hey Jéssica. I am glad you got it. Any questions you have, don't hesistate to ask. I got your back!

  8. Hey ! Thanks a lot, that was very helpful. You have just explained something I used to hear and understand but was never sure of !