sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

Rexy Gives Patois Lesson: Speak Like a Jamaican!

What gwan? Whap'am?

As y'all already know, the English language is as rich as Bill Gates. There are a plethora of words, expressions, slang terms, and dialects. My intention with this post is to promote one of the zillions of ethnolects/dialects of the English language. 

PATOIis the dialect spoken in much of Jamaican territory. It is a combination of English, Creole, French and some other languages spoken in the Carribean Islands. This dialect has been widespread because of raggae music and movies with Jamaican people. Unfortunately, Patois, African American Vernacular English, and some other ethnolects spoken by black people are still looked down upon, but this is another problem.

Hope you enjoy the accent and the vocabulary. Leave a comment, share it, and subscribe.

Me gaan!

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