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Special Thanks to My Mother. A Little About Me.

On March 4th,1986 Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato was born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. His father, a truck/bus driver, was 38 and his mother, a saleswoman, was 44. Due to her age, most doctors claimed her son would not make it because it was a very dangerous pregnancy. However, he was healthily born. Eight years before Rodrigo was born, his sister Fernanda was a newly-born pretty baby-girl. They were a typical Brazilian family: Father and mother, daughter, brother, and of course, the fish in a beautiful clean aquarium...

Well, I am done with writing my life-story in third person. 

Okay, My sister and I have always been to public schools in Belo Horizonte. As you might have heard before, public schools are shitty and teachers are usually not well-prepared theoretical and practically. Whatever! When I was 10, my father found out he had a type of cancer called leukemia. We all freaked out right off the bat. Well, think about it in my shoes: I was 10, my sister was 18 my mother was 54. I could not work because I was too young and my mom could not work because she was too old. At the very least, she was retired. It's only a minimum-wage check but it would surely help us get by. 

Two years went by and our father passed away. Life turned out to be an even harder nut to crack, but Jesus had always been there for us. He still is. Ever since, my mother has become my "parents". She is our father and mother now. Raised us as if nothing had happened. She has always been strong.  We traveled together, we laughed, we forgot about difficult times. Our mother was always there...

Well, my sister graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Electrical Engineering and got a great job, got married to a great man and gave birth to my cute little nephew Caua. I'm graduated from Pontifical University of Minas Gerais. Have lived and worked in the USA as a camp counselor and motorboat driver. Now, I am an English teacher in Brazil and make a living with stand-up comedy shows and singing. I have this blog, a car, and an open mind and heart to help anybody who needs a helping hand. 

Our widowed mother strongly backed me and my sister up at all times. In my whole family, mother and father sides, my sister and I are the only ones who made to college level and graduated from it so far. I do have reasons to be proud of the mother and sister I have. 

Mom, I love you and give thanks for everything you have done for our family. 

With love,

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato aka Lil' Dawg
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