terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

The Real Texas Accent

Howdy y'all? Jeet yet? Nah. Yant to?

Most people think that Texans have much of an accent and criticize them because of that. Firstly, you all have to understand that every other state has an accent as well. If you were born and raised in New York City, you can tell from which borough the person is from: Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, or Staten Island. People tend to exaggerate when they are talking about Texans' accent and this is due to TV commercials, movies, Chuck Norris and George W. Bush.

The point I am trying to make is that apparently Texans have been stereotyped by the media. When it comes to Texans, movies show a number of racist and ignorant cowboys usually addressed to as Rednecks. Yet, this is not the high majority of the Texans. Stop looking down on people who act, speak, or dress differently. Stereotyping has been the ignition of racism and prejudice in general.

Well, I found this video on youtube.com and thought it is perfect to illustrate what I mean. Check it out and comment on this topic

Lil' Dawg
ESL Teacher

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  1. hahaha, i thought very funny the way he pretends to be like a guy who came from the country side!