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Say NO to prejudice!


How is it going with y'all? I hope everybody is doing okay. It's been a long time I have not posted here due to my lack of spare time. However, I am back with this topic about prejudice, bias, racism and discrimination against.

I have been through some situations that made me rethink about what has gone down throughout the world in terms of discrimination. As a black man, even though black slavery has been "extinguished" from the world, some people still practice racial slur in much of it, I feel deeply sorry for those who discriminate against blacks and other ethnicities. As a matter of fact, I feel pity for them.

Here in Brazil, prejudice is hidden. Brazil is a melting pot of colors, races, ethnicities, customs, dances, rhythms, and cultures. Nevertheless, being black in Brazil is as tough as being black in any part of the world. People look down on us, police officers think we are all thugs, we are usually stopped or pulled over by them for a pat-down search and usually there are a very few black men who are company directors, judges, teachers, professors. These positions are usually occupied by the white Brazilian people who, in the USA, are considered to be Latino or "spic", the racist and derrogatory term used to insult Hispanics. Can you see it is people discriminating against other people that discriminate other people over and over? Say NO to racism. What makes you better than Caucasians? What makes you better than Latinos? What makes you better than Africans? What makes you better than Afghanis? What makes you better than Asians? Nothing makes you better than anybody. You are just different.

The point I'm trying to get across with is that racism is for those who have not realized that life has the same end for everybody: death! It does not matter what color, sexual orientation, political affiliation or anything else. Try to live friendly!

Racism needs to stop!

Lil' Dawg
ESL Teacher

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