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7 Billion People on Earth - Which language brings them together ?

I have thought a lot about it lately. We’ve been told that the world’s population has reached 7 billion. All these people fit into Los Angeles area which means we have enough space for every single family, but there are still people with no land to crop and live without being a modern-time slave. It is really frustrating to witness it and not being able to do anything to change. Maybe, you can be heard out there if you are versed in English. Have you thought about that?
More than 7,000 languages are spoken on Earth, but one out of them stood out: The English Language. If you are eager to be heard, begin to speak English now. No matter how intelligent and how many great ideas you have if you are not able to communicate with the world. Oh, I wish Portuguese were the Globalization language, but it’s not. That is, I want to share my thoughts and spread the word all over the world. So, I need to speak English.
What about you? Are you ready to communicate with the world?
If you can read this, you should give thanks to a teacher.
Watch this video: 7 Billion People on Earth
Rodrigo P. Honorato 

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