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Verbs that are followed by -ing verbs

Hey y'all, How have you guys been?

As you may already know, there are many types of verbs in the English Language such as: Phrasal Verbs, Modal Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs. One of these types are the following. When these verbs are immediately followed by another verb, they come up with the gerund form (-ing). Here are some verbs and examples.

  1. To avoid - You should avoid smoking!
  2. To consider - My mother considered going by plane.
  3. To enjoy - Do you enjoy dancing.
  4. To feel like - I don't feel like traveling with my parents.
  5. To finish - Did you finish eating?
  6. To imagine - I imagine myself going to Paris with my girlfriend.
  7. To keep - You should keep studying English!
  8. To mind - Do you mind opening the window? It's really hot in here!
  9. To miss - I really miss chatting with friends.
  10. To regret - I regret having assigned that document.
  11. To quit - Would you quit studying if you won the lottery?
  12. To give up - He gave up studying and I don't support that at all.
  13. To stop - You must stop smoking.
  14. To love - I love helping my friends out with some English Language tips.
  15. To hate - She hates reading books. How come?
Hope it can help you somehow.

Rodrigo P. Honorato

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