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Would x Used to

Hey Flabbergasting people, what's going on?

I have talked to a friend of mine that goes by Leow, but his real name is Leonardo Machado, about the English Language and some of its characteristics and myths. Leow is an English teacher and Summer Camp Counselor both in Brazil and in the US. He has been studying Languages at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and from what I can see, he is an outstanding professional ESL teacher. Other than that, he is one of my friends who usually come up with really challenging questions, which surely make me learn and reflect on the English Language.

About a month ago he came up to me and asked about the use of WOULD in Simple Past sentences and I couldn't picture the scene. However, it made me sleep on that and I came to a conclusion that might help you use the modal verb WOULD. 

Usually people use WOULD in conditional clauses such as "If I had money, I WOULD go to Paris." or "I WOULD go by plane if I had bought the tickets." 

The expression WOULD LIKE replaces the verb WANT. It sounds more polite as well. See examples:

"What WOULD you LIKE to eat? Well, I WOULD LIKE some waffles with syrup."

But have you ever thought of using WOULD to replace USED TO? Well, I have been using it ever since I learned English, but it was the first time I reflected on it. Here are some examples.

"When I was a toddler, my mother WOULD pick me up at school everyday."
"When my mother moved to London, I WOULD cry every single night before I went to bed."

Remember, WOULD can ONLY replace USED TO when the TIME is specified and when the verbs that come right after it are DYNAMIC VERBS =ACTION VERBS.

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Rodrigo P. Honorato

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