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"A", "An" , "Some" and "Any"

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Welcome to Flabbergasting English Blog. The place where you can learn and express yourself. Today, I have two of my students, Victor and Guilherme, here with me in order to post on this interesting topic. How to use "some", "any", "a" and "an".

"A" and "An" - Both of them are used ONLY in singular sentences for countable nouns.

"An" is used before the words that start in VOWELS, in fact, the sound of vowels.
i.e.: You have an hour to finish your test.
There is an apple in the fridge.

"A" is used before the words that start in CONSONANTS, in fact, the sound of consonants.
i.e.: There is a banana in the bowl.
My teacher has a uniform.

"Some" is used in positive sentences and offering questions(Would you like some...?). It can be used for count nouns and uncount nouns. "Some" is always used before liquids. On the other hand, "Any" is used in questions and negative sentences. It can also be used for count and uncount nouns.

i.e.: There are some bananas in the bowl.
There is some coke(Coca-Cola) in my squeezer(bottle).
Would you like some water? Would you like some pizza?

i.e.: There aren't any bananas in the bowl.
There isn't any coke in my squeezer.
Are there any teachers in uniforms? Is there any air in vaccum?

Thank you for coming to Flabbergasting English Blog. You are always welcome to come back. "Cough Cough Cough, I need SOME water guys." "Oh my gosh, there isn't ANY water in the school". "You need to bring A squeezer filled with water." "That's AN amazing idea!"

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ESL Teacher

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