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How do I get there?

Directions are always a great topic to be developed because it is definitely useful. It happens to all of us when you go somewhere you have never been to before. The first thing that comes to our mind is "how do I get there". If you do not have a GPS, iPhone, or other electronic devices to back you up, the most helpful solution would be asking a person who's been there already.
Here are some expressions you should use while giving some information on directions as well as you should understand them while you have been told how to get somewhere.
go up the (avenue)
go down the (street)
go around (the square)
go past the (supermarket)
go straight ahead
go under the brigde
go over the bridge
go across (the river)
turn left (on 5th Ave.)
turn right (on Martin Luther King Blvrd) - Watch out! It might be a ghetto. lol
on the left
on the right
A- Excuse me! I need to go to the closest supermarket. Could you help me get there?
B- Sure! All you have to do is to go down this street until the traffic light, then you should turn left on Maple St and go straight ahead, go pass the post office and the gas station. The supermaket is right there on the left. Did you get it?
A- Well, I think so. Thank you for the information.
B- No problem!
It is really simple, isn't it? Something is wrong. Oh gosh! I got lost in here. Can anybody tell me how I get to "sign out" link? Oh, I got it.
See y'all then,
Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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