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Comparison - Now, it is EASIER THAN ever!

"Wa gwaan?" is synonym for "What's going on?" and is used in Jamaica. Nice, isn't it?

I bet Jamaican English a.k.a Patois is AS EASY AS any other dialect of English. In order for you to understand it, as any other language, you have to get in touch with it.

Hence, Patois is not the topic for today. I came across this friend of mine and he told me that his students were having a hard time with COMPARISON. So, I, together with the Flabbergasting English followers and helpers, decided to help him out.

First thing you have to remember is that for you to compare things or people, there must be at the very least TWO of them. There are three kinds of comparisons: inferiority, superiority, and equality. And each has its own features. Plus, You can only compare things and people by using ADJECTIVES. There are LONG and SHORT ADJECTIVES.

Superiority: If it is a short adjective, add to it (-r) for adjectives ended in -e, (-er) or (-ier) for adjectives ended in -y. In addition, if the adjective ends in consonant+vowel+consonant, the last consonant must be doubled. See some examples:
Nice - Nicer than
Fat-Fatter than
Ugly-Uglier than
Rich-Richer than
Weak-Weaker than
Light-Lighter than
Dark-Darker than
Big-Bigger than
Small-Smaller than
Tall-Taller than
Short-Shorter than

PS.: Good, Bad, and Far are irregular. Thus, this rule does not apply to them. Their respective comparatives are Better, Worse and Farther or Further.

For long adjectives, it is EASIER THAN for the situation above. All it's needed is to add the word MORE, which is the comparative of much and many, to the adjective. See examples below:
Beautiful - More beautiful than
Intelligent - More intelligent than
Exciting - More exciting than
Boring - More boring than
Handsome- More handsome than

As you could notice, the conjunction THAN comes right after the adjective.

  1. Michael Jackson is more famous than New Kids On The Block.
  2. Madonna is older than Britney Spears.
  3. Black Eyed Peas' songs are cooler than Elvis Presley's.
  4. Texas, the Lone Star State is bigger than Florida, The Sunrise State.
  5. Teaching comparison is harder/more difficult than learning it.

Inferiority: for both short and long adjectives, add the word LESS before the adjective.

  1. Frederick Douglas is less famous than Martin Luther King.
  2. Einstein is less intelligent than you.
  3. Watching plays is boring, but less than reading books.
  4. There are less beautiful people here than last year.

short and long adjectives must be in-between AS...AS or SO...AS.

  1. I am as intelligent as my sister.
  2. In summer, Texas is as hot as Arizona.
  3. New York City is not so big as Mexico City. (That is, Mexico City is bigger.)
  4. My mom is so important as my dad.
  5. Basketball is as fun as Baseball.

Well, I gotta peel out! (I've got to go!). Hope it helps y'all out. Any FURTHER information, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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