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Superlative - The best topic ever!

What's good wit'chu? (This is a typical greeting used in Brooklyn,NYC)

By the way, this photo was taken by my homie (friend) in 2007 on our way to Brooklyn. We were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on the south of Manhattan. Amongst those building on the back, there used to be the World trade Center, but you know.... New York City is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE place I've ever been to. "Nothing is compared to it."

As we are about to discuss how to form superlatives, I could not choose anything other than my favorite city in the world. Houston is beautiful and accommodating. Its nightlife is fantastic, but New York City is THE MOST OVERWHELMING AND BREATHTAKING place.

What's the best place you've ever been to?
Who's the most important person in your life?
Who's the thinnest man you know?
Who's the fattest actor in Hollywood?

Those, above, are examples of superlative questions. They all follow the same rule, which is very easy. Follow my lead and start using it:

Superlatives are made from adjectives. Remember! There are long and short ones. There must be the article THE before the adjective.

Short Adjectives

nice - the nicest - Belo Horizonte is the nicest place in Brazil.
cool - the coolest - Young Joc came out with the coolest songs ever.
ugly - the ugliest - Michael Jackson was the ugliest man who ever lived.
friendly - the friendliest - Brazilians are the friendliest people in the word.

Long Adjectives

intelligent - The most intelligent - You are the most intelligent student of mine.
fantastic - The most fantastic - Flabbergasting English is the most fantastic website on the net.
boring - The most boring - The most boring city are those in which people don't stay up late.
beautiful - The most beautiful - Vânia is the most beautiful and intelligent girl I have ever seen. In addition, she is the best English teacher.

Yeah, that's it for today. Hope you have the dopest (best) week. See y'all later on!

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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