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Countable X Uncountable Nouns/ There is/There are/ How many/ How much...

Hey everybody,
It's Guilherme and Victor back again with our teacher Rodrigo Pelegrini so as to present a very interesting topic: how many(there are/aren't, are there?), how much(there is/isn't, is there?). Those are some of the differences you might see whilst studying Countable Nouns and Uncountable Nouns.

Countable Nouns refer to things that CAN be counted, for example: apples, desks, computers, people, papers, bananas, cars etc. We use the expressions "how many(questions/ amount = quantity)", "there is(singular)", "there are(plural)".

  1. How many papers are there on the wall? There are 4 papers on the wall.
  2. How many tiles are there on the floor? There are many tiles on the floor.
  3. Are there many people in this room? No, there aren't. There are only 3 people.
  4. How many light bulbs are there in this house? There are many.
  5. How many computers are there in this room? There is only one computer.

Uncountable Nouns refer to things that CANNOT be counted, for example: liquids, bread, air, noise, energy etc. We use the expressions "how much(questions)", "there is". Remember that "how much" is also the espression to ask about price.

  1. How much fresh air is there in the world? There is much.
  2. How much air is there in the moon? There is a little.
  3. How much does this T-shit cost? It's about twenty dollars.
  4. Is there much noise in the room? Yes, there is.
  5. Is there much traffic in your neighborhood? No, there isn't.

Thank you very MUCH. And, how many "how muchs" are there in the questions?

Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato

ESL Teacher


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