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Invitation - Lecture at UFMG.

Flabbergasting English Blog in association with CACS and UFMG bring to you "Y'all talk funny, whatcha gon' do 'bout it?"
The Flabbergasting English group would very much like to invite all of you UFMG students to come watch Prof. Rodrigo Pelegrini's lecture on African American Vernacular English with focus on Pronunciation and Stereotyping.
It is part of his studies from the viewpoint of Socioliguistics. What is AAVE? Who speaks it? When did it start? Is it recognized as language, dialect, ethnolect?
It will take place at one of the auditories at FAFICH in UFMG.
Time: From 2:30pm through 4:30pm.
Date: November 20, 2009
Venue: Auditory Sonia Viegas at FAFICH.
*Free of charges for FUMP people.* For those who are not CACS students, it will be charged R$5.00. Sign up at the entrance.
In this presentation, attendees will be able to discuss "pronunciation" not only from the viewpoint of Phonetics, but also from the Sociolinguistics'. As a student of Black English Vernacular, I will focus on how the African-American's dialect's pronunciation and structure that differ from Standard English's and oftentimes are looked down upon and/or given as erroneous.
Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Lengua Franca are also to be talked about throughout the lecture.
*The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.*
Rodrigo Pelegrini Honorato
ESL Teacher

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